Pompous refers to someone who is overly proud and full of self-importance, displaying their superiority in a grandiose or showy manner.


US English

UK English

Part of speech



Arrogant, Conceited, Egotistical, Grandiose, Haughty, Overbearing, Pretentious, Self-Important, Supercilious


Humble, Modest, Self-effacing

Example sentences

  • The new manager’s pompous behavior was quickly turning off all the employees.
  • The actor was known for his pompous speeches at award shows.
  • The professor’s pompous attitude made it difficult for students to approach him with questions.


Pompous is often used to describe someone who is excessively proud and shows off their superiority in an overly dramatic and grand manner. Such individuals tend to think highly of themselves and can be viewed as arrogant, condescending or haughty. They may use grand language, overly elaborate gestures or an affected mannerism to display their supposed superiority. In everyday conversation, the term is used to criticize individuals who put on a show of importance, either as a way of impressing others or as an attempt to assert their superiority