Childish or immature, especially in an absurd or silly way.


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Part of speech



childish, immature, infantile, juvenile


mature, adult, sophisticated, worldly

Example sentences

  • The comic book movie had a puerile sense of humor that was more suited for children.
  • The puerile behavior of the teenagers was embarrassing to watch.
  • The puerile jokes made by the comedian were not funny to anyone over the age of 12.


Puerile is an adjective that refers to something that is childish or immature in nature. This can refer to people, their behavior, or even objects such as toys or games. When something is described as puerile, it usually means that it lacks sophistication or depth, and is more suited to a young or immature audience. It is often used to criticize something for being silly or nonsensical, or for being too focused on superficial aspects