having or showing a tendency to argue or disagree often about petty things


US English

UK English

Part of speech



combative, argumentative, contentious, disagreeable, bickering


cooperative, amicable, conciliatory, peaceable, harmonious

Example sentences

  • The two sisters have always been quarrelsome, constantly bickering about the smallest things.
  • The team was led by a quarrelsome coach who couldn’t get along with anyone on the team.
  • The meeting was disrupted by a quarrelsome participant who kept interrupting the speaker.


The word “quarrelsome” is used to describe someone or something that has a tendency to argue or fight over small or trivial things. A person who is quarrelsome is often argumentative, combative and contentious, and may struggle to get along with others. This type of behavior can be disruptive and cause conflict in relationships, teams, or other social situations. It is important to be aware of and try to manage one’s own tendencies towards quarrelsomeness in order to maintain positive relationships and achieve common goals