Not conforming to a high moral or professional standard; immoral or untrustworthy


US English

UK English

Part of speech



immoral, dishonest, unlawful, unscrupulous, corrupt, deceitful


ethical, moral, honest, lawful, scrupulous, trustworthy

Example sentences

  • The company was accused of engaging in unethical business practices.
  • It is unethical to lie on a job application.
  • The CEO’s actions were seen as both unethical and illegal.


The term “unethical” is often used to describe behavior or actions that fall short of accepted moral and professional standards. This can include acts such as lying, cheating, or engaging in illegal or corrupt activities. When a person or organization is described as “unethical,” it suggests that they have disregarded basic principles of right and wrong, and have acted in a way that is not trustworthy or reputable. In many cases, unethical behavior can have serious consequences, both for the individuals involved and for society as a whole. For this reason, it is important to strive for ethical behavior in all aspects of life, from personal relationships to professional endeavors